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Oh damn! He went there.



Oh damn! He went there.


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Awesome handmade helmets by unionwelloriginal

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When discussing my blog at a dinner party recently (yeah…I know. I didn’t mean to be that guy) an acquaintance asked me what the difference was between recycling and upcycling, so it dawned on me that perhaps I should also explain it to some of my readers who are not aware. I sometimes get ask which is better? I think they’re both fine. Personally, I tend to tell people that everyone should be recycling and people can upcycle things in their lives all the time. For example, I love to upcycle old furniture, jars, picture frames, and clothes.

I cannot wait for autumn to get here. Bring on the layering.

Monarch of Autumn
Vintage Double RL
Suspenders.  I need to get a new pair. These are pretty awesome.

Suspenders. I need to get a new pair. These are pretty awesome.